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Your AI immigration assistant to study, work and live in Canada


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Streamline your immigration path

Admis simplifies your paperwork by using a single, user-friendly form to complete all necessary official documents and receive everything you need in 24 hours to apply directly.

Take our AI assessment to find out if you are eligible for any visa or permit in Canada.

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The assistant collects essential information to complete your visa application and provides a comprehensive package.
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Get your official documents, personalized letter and step-by-step application guide to apply on the Immigration Canada website (IRCC), for only $250.
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The Smarter Alternative to Immigration Consultants

Say goodbye to hefty fees and long waits, and hello to efficiency and savings

Price comparison Immigration Consultant
Evaluation fees $300/hour Free
Total preparation fees $1,000 to $10,000 $250
Average delivery time 20 days 24 hours

Success Stories

  • Marianick

    Student, McGill University

    « Admis is a game-changer. Simple steps, no language barrier. Saved time and stress. Highly recommend for a smooth immigration experience! »

  • Juan

    Student, Institut Teccart

    « Admis exceeded my expectations. It gave me clear guidance, all the answers I needed and the necessary documents ready in no time. »

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Admis?
Admis is a visa assistance platform using artificial intelligence to answer questions about the Canadian immigration process. Our virtual assistant is free and supports over 80 languages, allowing users to communicate in their native language. We rely on reliable and up-to-date information.
Why is Admis's virtual assistant free?
Our mission is to help the largest number of immigrants succeed in Canada. To achieve this, we make immigration information accessible to everyone. The virtual assistant answers your questions at no cost, using official and up-to-date resources.
What types of visas and permits can Admis help me with?
Admis answers your questions regarding various types of visas and permits for Canada, including study permits, work permits, permanent residence visas, and family applications. We also provide tools to simplify the immigration process.
Does Admis offer immigration advice or consultation services?
No, Admis does not provide recommendations, advice, or immigration consultations. Admis is neither a consultant nor a lawyer. It is a platform that answers questions based on official sources.
How can Admis help me prepare my immigration application?
Admis offers an automated tool to prepare your immigration file. For a one-time fee of $250, you get all the necessary government forms filled out, a personalized motivation letter, and a step-by-step guide to quickly submit your application.
How does Admis ensure accuracy and security?
Admis integrates all the forms required for visa applications to Canada and is automatically updated with government changes to ensure accuracy. We also ensure the security of user data and compliance with applicable laws. The AI performs rigorous checks on the provided information, ensuring a reliable and secure preparation of your application.

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