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Admis simplifies your paperwork by using a single, user-friendly form to complete all necessary official documents and receive everything you need in 24 hours to apply directly.

Take our AI assessment to find out if you are eligible for the PGWP or what your other options are.

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Our form is customized and gathers the essential information to complete your work permit application and provide a complete package.
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Get your official documents, personalized letter and step-by-step application guide to apply on the Immigration Canada website (IRCC), for only $250.
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The Smarter Alternative to Immigration Consultants

Say goodbye to hefty fees and long waits, and hello to efficiency and savings

Price comparison Immigration Consultant
Evaluation fees $300/hour Free
Total preparation fees $1,000 to $6,000 $250
Average delivery time 20 days 24 hours

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    Student, McGill University

    « Admis is a game-changer. Simple steps, no language barrier. Saved time and stress. Highly recommend for a smooth immigration experience! »

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    Student, Institut Teccart

    « Admis exceeded my expectations. It gave me clear guidance, all the answers I needed and the necessary documents ready in no time. »

Frequently Asked Questions

About the PGWP

Do I Need a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?

Whether you need a PGWP depends on your future plans in Canada. If you intend to work in Canada after completing your studies, a PGWP allows you to work for any employer and in any job, without the need for a job offer at the time of applying. It's a flexible option that can provide valuable Canadian work experience, which might be beneficial if you plan to apply for permanent residency later. However, if you do not intend to work in Canada or have other plans, such as further studies or leaving Canada, you may not need a PGWP.

When should I apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)?
You should apply for a PGWP within 180 days (approximately six months) of receiving written confirmation (like a final transcript or an official letter) from your educational institution that you have completed your study program. It's important to note that the application should be submitted while your study permit is still valid or you should change your status (for example, to a visitor) if your study permit will expire before you apply. Applying within this timeframe ensures that you remain in Canada legally under "implied status" if your study permit expires while your PGWP application is being processed.
What are the eligibility criteria for a Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada?
To be eligible for a PGWP, you must have completed a full-time program of at least eight months at a designated learning institution in Canada. You need to apply within 180 days of receiving confirmation (such as an official transcript or a formal letter) from your institution that you have met the requirements for completing your academic program.
How long can a Post-Graduation Work Permit be valid, and how is this duration determined?
The length of a PGWP is equal to the length of your study program, up to a maximum of three years. For example, a one-year program could lead to a one-year work permit, while a two-year or longer program could result in a PGWP valid for three years.
What types of jobs can I hold with a Post-Graduation Work Permit?
The PGWP is an open work permit, allowing you to work for any employer in Canada and in any occupation. However, some jobs, especially those in healthcare or childcare, may require additional medical exams due to public health concerns.
Can I work while waiting for my PGWP application to be processed?
Yes, under the "implied status" provision, if you apply for a PGWP before your study permit expires, you are allowed to work full-time while waiting for a decision on your application.
How does a PGWP impact the possibility of obtaining permanent residency in Canada?
Work experience gained on a PGWP can count towards eligibility for certain Canadian immigration programs, such as the Canadian Experience Class under the Express Entry system.

About Admis

What is the PGWP evaluation and preparation questionnaire for?
The Free Assessment is your first step towards understanding your eligibility for a study permit in Canada, with results delivered to your email. Following eligibility confirmation, the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) preparation questionnaire, powered by AI, helps in tailoring and expediting your application preparation.
What is the cost of the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) Preparation Questionnaire and what does it include?
For an accessible fee of $250, the questionnaire provides a comprehensive preparation of your PGWP application, including all filled-out government forms, a crafted motivation letter, and a step-by-step guide for prompt submission of your application.
How is the questionnaire personalized to my situation and what does it include?
The AI-driven questionnaire dynamically adapts to your responses, collecting essential tailored information. It includes all filled-out government forms, a crafted motivation letter, and a step-by-step guide for prompt application submission.
When will I receive my complete application file after completing the questionnaire?
Upon successful online payment, you will receive in the next 24 hours all necessary documents and instructions immediately at the end of the questionnaire, ensuring a seamless progression towards your study Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) application.
How does Admis ensure the accuracy and compliance of the information provided in the application?
Admis has meticulously analyzed and integrated all government forms required for Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) applications in Canada. Our system is updated automatically with any government updates to ensure accuracy and compliance. The artificial intelligence performs rigorous checks on the information provided, ensuring flawless application preparation.

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